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Hailey Glassman Wants to Sue Jon Gosselin….on Judge Judy.


Man, how pathetic will some F-Listers get to receive attention? Hailey Glassman has sunk to an all time new low, and I mean lower than LindsayLohan AND Gary Coleman’s lame ex-wife.

She wants to take ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin (yuck) to court to resolve legal fees that he apparently owes her after making up a stupid story that she broke into his raggedy NYC apartment and stole a TV and some furniture. So Hailey is suing Jon, there’s no abnormality about that…yet. Psycho wants to take him to Judge Judy!

See, I told you she’s pathetic. During an interview with RadarOnline, Hailey explained herself saying, “I want to take him on Judge Judy and make him pay my lawyer’s fees. He tried to frame me (for his apartment break-in) when it was really him setting me up.”

First off, how the hell could Hailey steal a TV and furniture out of Jon’s apartment without the paparazzi photographing her while doing so?

RadarOnline actually has text messages which prove that Jon told Glassman to take the items as a gift, before we guess all that moonshine he likes to drink kicked in and he changed his mind.

I think we can all understand how Hailey wants Jon to pay her lawyer’s fees. Where he’s going to get that money beats me but she’s just as trashy for wanting to put her personal business on freaking Judge Judy.

Of course I’ll be watching front and center. Who doesn’t love a great train wreck.

Source: RadarOnline

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