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Eddie Cibrian’s Divorce put on hold because…he’s Broke!


Country singer Leann Rimes thought her life was all peaches and cream after dumping her husband for new boyfriend Eddie Cibrian. But this home wrecker will learn that what goes around comes around because although Leann’s divorce was finalized last Friday, she’ll have to wait a little longer before she can become the new Mrs. Eddie Cibrian.

Apparently since he was fired from CSI: Miami, Eddie no longer has a job and can’t afford to pay his wife, Brandi Glanville, any spousal support. Which of course sucks for her because she just leased a new car and purchased a home and was eyeballing these pretty dogs that were going to sit there and promise to love her forever.

A source told E! News, “He [Eddie] blames bad press from his ex losing his job. Now they are at ground zero with negotiations. He is trying to pay her nothing.”

Umm, did he ever stop and think that his life and career is in the crapper because he cheated on his wife and left his son to canoodle with Leann Rimes? Maybe if he does dog tricks Leann will take him out for Mexican once in a while.

But don’t worry Leanne still has a boner for Eddie-

“It makes me sad that the media once again can take something as personal as a divorce and make it a top news story. It’s hard enough dealing with it on our own. Sucks to see it in your face at all times,”

One day when Leanne least expects it, Eddie is going to tell her the good news- he’s now flipping tacos at the local Mexican down the road.

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