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Eclipse Fans: Please…get a Life.


Apparently the Twilight film series is full of the unemployed and lifeless, which is the only reasonable explanation to account for those misfits who have decided to camp out for 96 hours before the latest film ‘Eclipse‘ premieres on Friday.

Yesterday Twi-hard fans began building their tents and laying out in front of L.A.’s Nokia Plaza, the location where the Eclipse premiere will occur Thursday evening in the hopes of breathing the same dewy air that the movie’s stars, which includes prima donnas Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and six pack ‘whack’ throb Taylor Lautner. One can expect a degree of feinting spells and hysterical worshipping to cardboard images as the stars finally make their way to the podium. Let’s hope Taylor at least has the temerity to have his shirt halfway off so all those 15 year old boys and girls can start whimpering en masse.

That said these dimwits should not get too comfortable because on Wednesday security plans to kick them to another curb in order for workers to setup for the premiere. They can’t come back until Thursday afternoon in which they’ll wait in line once again with the hopes of getting a wristband. Which begs the question, why not be smart and just get in line Thursday morning? Hopefully Taylor will make the pain of living like a hobo for the next 4 days all worth it when he pulls up and does some stomach curls in front of them bitches.

Source: PEOPLE

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