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Do dudes hate shopping?


Trying to understand why shopping makes us guys impotent.

According to a study just released there’s a reason why guys hate shopping. Should we find out why?

Daily Mirror: Finally men have a perfect excuse to avoid shopping… it could make them impotent.

Researchers have made the startling discovery that a gender bending chemical compound is present on some till receipts.

And the levels of hazardous substance Bisphenol A (BPA) can be high enough to suppress male hormones in the body.

Which if you can imagine as a guy is the happiest thing I’ve heard all week, because if I have to drag my sorry ass out one more time to watch the missus face an existential crises while she fits on another pair of jeans or consults with me which handbag goes with what I’m likely to look at the check out boy and groan a deep primal groan. Not that the check out boy doesn’t understand where the tears come from…

Prof Frank Sommer, 42, a Berlin-based urologist, explained: ‘A substance like that could shift the balance of the sex hormones in men towards oestrogen.

‘In the long term, this leads to less sexual drive, encourages the belly instead of the muscles to grow and has a bad effect on erection and potency.’

To be sure the little baby I call my belly has grown and the fact that I can now rub dollops of cash register paper ink on my hairy belly as to why baby has grown is a reassuring factor as to why in my older age shopping and sit ups just fail to agree with me.

In addition to suppressing male hormones it is thought that it may be triggering early puberty in girls – and putting them at greater risk of cancer and diabetes.

Inducing early puberty so my little sister can hurry up and grow up tomorrow morning and beg me to go shopping with me while I silently groan a deep existential groan from the center of my belly. Something I am sure the cash check boy will understand…