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Christina Muniz decides to dump her kids for good.


When a mother can no longer bear her kids.

There are days when all a mother wants to do is hide behind the blankets and cry and then there mothers who just want to dump the kids all together. This in a nutshell is the story of Arizona’s Christina Muniz who recently decided on a whim to dump her kids as she set out to rekindle her glory days in California. The Arizona Daily Star sheds some light for us:

— Arizona police officers arrested a mother after she reportedly told police she didn’t want her children any longer.

Police in the Phoenix suburb of Surprise say they received a 911 call Friday from an 11-year-old boy who said his mother was packing and moving to California and wasn’t taking him or his 6-year-old brother with her.

It perhaps would have been more understandable if Christina announced that she was leaving her boyfriend behind, the goldfish, the new Labrador puppy or even the golden coca seeds she probably likes to smoke in her glass bowl every morning but one has to applaud Christina for having the nouse to think she could just leave the kids in the driveway. Such bravado is normally reserved for coyotes and the occasional nihilistic predator who makes killing their Sunday afternoon sport. But then again this is America and somehow Christina has come to the conclusion that even her kids are disposable…

Police spokesman Sgt. Mark Ortega said the boy’s mother, Christina Muniz, 29, came out and told officers that she was “sick of her children” and wanted the police to take them so she can “have fun and play.”

Which makes you wonder, what do you do as a police officer think when you arrive to find Christina standing in front of the Jack Beam and the mirror trying to sort out her Friday and Saturday night revelrie out west sans the kids? After all if Christina has got to go party, who are we to get in her way?

As the children were being removed by CPS, officers said the 11-year-old attempted to hug his mother, and was met with a punch to the abdomen.

Which makes perfect sense because the little brat had just put a spanner in her party trekking. A good kick to the head would have sufficed too we imagine.

Muniz was arrested and charged with child neglect, felony aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

And now Christina wont be getting to party in California at all.



  1. this is crazy smh. to know that the kids will forever have to remember how their “mother” abandoned them is heartbreaking. i read about this story on another site and saw so many comments where people were sympathizing with this poor excuse for a mother and woman. any man who would want someone like this in their life as their life partner is seriously screwed up. as harsh as it may sound, im relieved that the kids were not harmed beyond the mental and the punch in the gut. unfortunately though, this woman wont do much time and will get to live it up however she sees fit. hopefully the boys will get a happy life that they deserve. im a singlemother with 2 daughters aged 10 and 15. i DONT have family or friends to help me out, i DONT have any type of help whatso ever, and i understand that it does get hard, but every single morning i wake up and thank GOD that my kids are still here because without them i would be nothing. its stories like these that make me lovemy kids even more than ever. i am very over protective of my children and of course ppl will say that its impossible to do it alone but im living proof that u can. i have been through the homeless shelter with my kids. i have had xmas’s AND bdays were i couldnt get them much or sometimes nothing, ive had those days where i swallowed my pride and asked ppl to borrow money to feed my kids. ive even been offered the choice to give up my kids to “better my life” but HELL NO!! NOBODY ESPECIALLY NOT A DAMNED MAN, OR “DREAM” OF BECOMING A STRIPPER (IS SHE SERIOUS??) WILL EVER MAKE ME GIVE UP MY KIDS!! i thank god that my situation is better than b4 but that is because I MADE IT THAT WAY, the hard way, called WORK and patience!). God bless those 2 boys and thank God again that those boys were not harmed like other unfortunate cases where a mom gets”fed up” and decides not having the kids alive would make her life better (like the casey anthony case) .

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