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Barry Sinfield wants you to know he’s off to jail for tearing off a goose’s head.


The horrid things that go on in communal parks.

Barry Sinfield wants to get something off his chest- that essentially he’s a drunken vile dipstick who’s prone to violent behavior. How violent? Let Barry tell you…

The Sun – UK: A VILE thug who tore the head off a goose in a park was jailed for 25 weeks yesterday.

Drunken Barry Sinfield, 36, swung the bird round his head and repeatedly kicked it as families cried out in horror. Then he stamped on its neck and yanked the head with both hands until he tore it off.

Finally, he laughed as he chased a friend with the severed Canada goose head and threatened to smear onlookers with blood.

Does this sound like an afternoon you’ve had lately? If so- we would definitely like to hear more about it. But Barry has more to tell you…

Yesterday, jobless Sinfield joked with mates outside Coventry Magistrates’ Court before he admitted a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to the 13½lb bird.

Ahh Barry, doesn’t he have a ‘wicked’ sense of humor? Shouldn’t you be inviting Barry to come along and say hello to your pet parakeet soon?

  • John

    He’s going to have the shit raped out of him in prison – whether it’s for 16 weeks, or a 16 years. Yes, he’s really a screwed up and horrible person for being capable of such a thing (and probably worse, if he can see doing that). But, as with most people who go to prison (especially for violent crimes) he’s going to have to try to ‘prove’ how tough he is to survive in there, and will not succeed, and will then come out even more horrible. Our prison system doesn’t work.

    People’s abusive (or alcoholic) parents, or peers, are never held responsible for imbeciles like this. We create these guys through over population, lack of real education, and a pathetically violent (or just plain stupid) media environment. I left America because of such attitudes. If you stay there, he represents you in my opinion, so enjoy.

  • corks

    I think this is ridiculous! He should go to prison for sixteen decades, not sixteen weeks. I agree with lummy. He is scum! I am a vegetarian and I think this is absolutely revolting! People like this shouldn’t be able to get away with it! Common imbeciles like this should be punished more severely and not get stupidly short sentences when a crime like this is an extremely serious matter! I don’t know whether it is the fault of his parents or not, but this man is repulsive and makes me feel ill! Not only did he harm the innocent goose, but he harmed families who were hoping for a nice walk in the park! If I saw him, I would give him what he deserves!!

  • lummy

    What a disgusting man! This is sick. Why should pieces of scum like him only get short sentences when people who murder other human beings have to suffer life imprisonment! This is utterly ridiculous and people like this should get what they deserve!

  • mark

    its about time he got sent down he got away wiv everything else that he done 2 people so i hope he suffers while inside and if his so called friends thinks its fun 2 do what he did they need 2 get a reality check