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Wallpaper & Iguatemi – Launch Born in Brazil.


Mr Chambers invited that in light of the progress Brazil had made and its impending cultural legacy (and not neglecting the fact that Brazil will be awarded the 2014 World Cup and is a serious contender for the 2016 Olympic games) and its last foray into China, going to Brazil felt right in its next installment of world expansion. We then proceeded to reflect on the fact that Wallpaper unlike other print publications had been spared the collapse that so many other print journals have experienced and that truth be said there was something delicious about holding a well appointed print journal that goes out of its way to stimulate and capture the latest design trends. This all went rather well until Mr Chambers rather sensibly chose to resume his conversation with the Brazilian model who was patiently waiting for him to stop talking to me.

In all it was a splendid affair, and if you must know who else attended, the wonderful Nadine Johnson Pr agency supplied me with the following list of names for your amusement: Alessandra Ambrosio, Daniel Arsham, Mark Baker, Ana Beatriz Barros (Issue Cover Model), Enrico Bonetti, Georgina Brandolini, André Brett, Alex Calderwood, Simon Castets, Arthur Casas, Clodagh, Paulette Cole, Rafael de Cardenas, Carlos de Souza, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Giorgio de Luca, Anthony Hayden Guest, Michael Klug, Paul Mathieu, Carlos Mota, Carlos Motta, Fernanda Motta, Michelle Nasser, Enrique Norten, Glenn O’Brien, Marcus Henrique Paranaguá, Joyce Pascowitch, James Reginato, Charles Renfro, Diana Viñoly, Fred Wagner, and Italo Zucchelli.