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Wallpaper & Iguatemi – Launch Born in Brazil.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Tony Chambers.

At one stage, a gentleman with one of those suits that only furniture designers have the courage to buy and wear inquired if I had in fact seen the large silver chair positioned halfway down the stairs. I politely smiled and replied that I had in fact seen it (why bring up the fact that I nearly crashed into it?) and thought it marvelous. He in turn just looked at me and smiled for the longest time. It wasn’t much later that I found out that the gentleman I had been speaking to was in fact Carlos Motta the designer himself.

Next it was time to meet the demi God himself- Wallpaper’s Editor in Chief Tony Chambers. A cursory look around the room led to the sanguine reflection of a dapper gentleman standing in front of a queue for the bathroom (oh well…) talking to a stunning Brazilian woman (oh well…)  who shocked me by his willingness and eagerness to talk to me ( I would have of course continued to talk to the Brazilian model thank you very much…).

Anthony Haden Guest