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StyleFactory suddenly arrives in Noho, NY.

Photo courtesy of Dara King.
Photo courtesy of Dara King.

In case you are not a resident of this fine city, let me explain something to you. In New York, our lives are broken up into weeks. This past week has been dubbed “Creative Week” and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair began with a smattering of exhibits and parties all in true New York fashion. The unhappy hipster was in full effect as some of the world’s most creative humans flew in (or just crossed the bridge from Brooklyn) to mull over, present designs, and just look cool in general.

One party I had the privilege of attending I can only describe as the future of modern furniture. The party located in Noho and packed to the
brim was thrown by StyleFactory, a new company that offers modern furniture based on the taste of the audience. Well attended by the art
loving crowd, StyleFactory threw a delightful event that not only showcased the designs that are to come from the website but had an open bar and DJ to boot. Some of the notable designers such as Misewell and Noah Packard were in attendance as well as were the owners of StyleFactory.

Launching on Friday, StyleFactory will become the de-facto destination for unique, quality pieces that are made in the USA. Even though ICFF is ending, they are just beginning to make a strong entrance into the world of contemporary furniture.

As the world of creatives descended upon us, yet again, I was truly impressed by the talent in New York. Sadly, I am ending this by bidding
adieu to Creative Week until next year. And although I will miss seeing all the cool kids with their cool designs, next week is another week in New York, with another set of events and another set of parties.

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