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Simon Monjack DEAD…Sharon Murphy Involved?

Remember that fat, greasy, straggly haired man known as the late Brittany Murphy’s husband? Yeah, well he died yesterday.

The widower named Simon Monjack,39, was announced dead by the Los Angeles Police last night after suffering a heart attack. Of course this is a sad story but it’s also quite interesting because just last week on Dr. Oz, it was said that one can die from a broken heart; case in point Mr. Monjack.

You want to know something else that is odd? Simon was found by the same person as Brittany…her mother, Shannon Murphy.

Last night around 9p.m she made a call to 911 requesting assistance for Simon. Ambulance arrived to the home he shared with Brittany in the Hollywood Hills, but sadly resuscitation wasn’t in his plans because he died from cardiac arrest.

LA police told Entertainment Tonight reporters that detectives are currently investigating but they believe that he died of natural causes. Hmm, maybe the natural cause of a mother named Sharon, and I don’t mean Sharon Stone.

I’m telling you the cause was a broken heart and probably him realizing how stupid he was to marry a Hollywood actress and receive absolutely no money because he told her to leave him out of her will. Never mind the scam charity he started with Brittany’s mom in late Brittany’s name which never quite panned out and had both of them returning the ill gotten money.

And you know who Brittany’s possessions went to? Why her mother of course. She may have lost a son-in-law last night, but she gained a home to herself located in the lovely Hollywood Hills. Maybe the LA police should be investigating Sharon or maybe looking for that little empty prescription bottle on the floor…because at least that would be a more honorable death.

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  1. Thank you Thank you!! YOu would have to be a complete idiot to look at the situation and not question Sharon and Simon in this whole Shady mess.Sharon is soo suspect in this whole thing. Interesting how Sharon found both Brittney and Simon dead…same room…same Rx’s….same bed. I had suspision of Simon killing Brittney for the $$$$. My tabloid thinking mind and research has led me to thinking just maybe Sharon and Simon started a love affair and killed Brittney for her money. Sharon realized that Simon didnt love her and she killed Simon for the house. that might be a little much….something to think about.

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