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People who look like Santa aren’t supposed to be racist murders, but sometimes they are…


This is Graeme Fredrick McNeil; If you look closely at him you will soon see that he reminds you of Santa? In fact if you continue looking at him you will eventually be inclined to climb on his knee and start demanding a Suzie Talks A Lot doll, or at the very least, for your parents to get back together before your tenth birthday, but beware! McNeil is not about to make your holiday dreams into reality! Why? Simply, he’s a senior Ku Klux Klan official, and an accessory to murder. How’s that for a bummer…?

Recently, a court in Queensland, Australia- the Queensland Supreme Court to be exact decided McNeil needed to spend some quality time behind bars after helping his sixteen-year-old student, Anthony Rowlingson, dispose of the body of his older brother, whom Rowlingson shot twice in the head. Rowlingson’s brother, Robert, not one for the KKK was going to out Anthony’s extracurricular activities, so instead of giving his brother a wedgie and threatening him with public ridicule like a normal sibling, Anthony shot him instead. And that of course is when faux Santa Claus decided to lend a helping hand to dispose of the body.

So next time you look Santa in the face, ask yourself is this the face of a man who eats cookies and combs the fur off reindeer or the face of a man who likes to cut body parts off people he doesn’t really care for…?

Source: news.com.au

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