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MEDIA ALERT: Rachel Uchitel Still Not Done Opening Her Mouth.


MEDIA ALERT: If you have engaged (for lack of a more polite word) Rachel Uchitel just hold a press conference and fess up to slamming the ho (as polite as one can be) before Gloria Allred serves you with papers (i.e., a Ransom/Extortion Notice attached to your reputation). It seems that Rachel Uchitel “literally” can’t keep her mouth closed, except when she has something in it. Rule of thumb: Ladies (or gents) if you swallow, spitting it out a year or two later is really not polite.

Remember back in the good ole days when women rewarded your discretion and asked you to keep your mouth shut and not disclose your romantic liaisons with them?  Think hard, I know you can, it was back before gold digging ho’s started to fancy themselves as a modern day Emily Post lecturing our citizens on proper etiquette from the standpoint of a Countess even as her Count Chocula was plundering the Royal Kingdom of Nigeria in search of a Nubian Princess.

Anyway we can’t wait to see what else Rachel Uchitel spits out (pardon the pun) of her mouth next week. And as far as things go with David Boreanaz, we’re sure he’ll get over Rachel one day.

Source: Huffington Post

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