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Isn’t it a good thing that Jennifer Love Hewitt checked her ex’s email?


How to figure out if he still loves you.

Here’s a dilemma? Your man, and this case it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt’s man suddenly starts hitting the gym more, starts caring more about his appearance and you can’t just figure out why? Well JLH decided there was only one way to figure out why her man was doing those extra push ups…

The Huffington Post reports:

Jennifer Love Hewitt visited ‘The View’ Wednesday where she talked about an ex who cheated on her for a year and a half. She didn’t identify the cheater but said she found out when she checked his email.

So the smell of lust on his hair wasn’t a clue, or the odd hours between 2am and 7am when he was going for those long walks didn’t ring a bell? Not even the fact that he was probably watching more of the Tyra Banks show or any other show that gets to the root of what makes women melt and consequently give Jen’s man a running of seducing half of Malibu Avenue. Personally we think it would have made a better headline if Jen took the time to walk into one of her man’s love sessions, but maybe if Jen keeps picking the charmers we’ll get our wish…

Be sure to watch these old hens below try and teach Jen the terrible psychology of cheaters and watch how Jen tells us how she overcame the odds of her existence…

Let’s see if these hens can nail sexuality for us?

a/ Secret email passwords.

b/Long walks between 2 am and 7am.

c/ Shiny face and daily moisturizer.

d/Sisterhood gossip and a steaming cup of black coffee.

e/Brawny muscle?