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Hooters fires Cassie Smith because she was fat.

I just can't stand being so fat!
I just can't stand being so fat!

And you all thought Hooters didn’t discriminate, shame on you for believing such lies. Get this, a 20-year-old female named Cassie Smith was put on probation from her job, working at Hooters of course, because she gained a few pounds. What’s insane about this is she’s 5’8” and only weighs 138lbs…excuse me, 132lbs.

Smith told WJBK-TV that she received an interesting evaluation at the Roseville branch, that informed her that she is, well fat, if you want to put it bluntly. The young victim felt heartbroken and horrified. You know, because if Hooters doesn’t want her just who does?

Hooters of America Inc of course denies these juvenile allegations, but we weren’t born last night; all you have to do is walk into any restaurant with a scale in hand, and I can promise you none of those silicone filled, fake blonde women will weigh more than 120lbs.

Hooters took their lies too far and even said that they don’t in fact even have a weight requirement and “no employee in Michigan has been counseled about their weight.

So do you mean to tell me that Hooters carries size 1x shorts? Didn’t think so. If I were Cassie I would try and sue that raggedy restaurant for every penny and hot wing they’ve ever made.

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  • Blake

    Good. When I’m paying for wings and beer I don’t want to be served by Jabba The Hut wearing a wig. Maybe if she could stay away from the haggendas she’d still be employed. Or maybe this is just the opportunity she needs to go back to college to study neurology, or Socio-Economic Psychology. I think its funny people think she has the g…rounds to sue Hooters.

    “Smith says she was horrified, heartbroken and humiliated.”

    To think that terrible restaurant denied this fat whore the right to shake her ass, flirt, and serve beer and wings for money… Almost sounds like a private business exercising its liberties.

    But its ok, the publicity that shes getting from doing the whole “they discriminated against me for being fat” will ultimately lead to a life altering decision down the road…

    Does she accept PlayBoy’s offer to spread her beeftips for 800,000$ or does she do a full anal/double penetration scene from Amateur Allure for 1,200,000?
    Or does she do a fake Hooters porno from Brazzers for 1,500,000$?

    Shes got some important decisions to make, regarding her future.

  • She is not fat…come on … this is discrimination..Hey I am 5 8″ and I weight a little more than that …guess I can not be a hooters girl…This is discrimination…There is a site I like that they are talking about this.http://opinion.ezwingame.com/