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Amanda Jemini wins Ms Hooter’s 16th Annual International Swimsuit pageant.

Ms Hooters International winner, Amanda Jemini.
Ms Hooters International winner, Amanda Jemini.

“I will never forget my time in the orange shorts.” As spoken by this year’s Ms Hooters International winner, Amanda Jemini.

For those of who like their burgers and fries with a little bit of eye candy Hooters has always been the benevolent favorite as it has always managed to find hot spunky young girls desperate to show off their assets and of course get to eventually become Ms Hooter herself.

Making it as Ms Hooters this year was Amanda Jemini, Ms Boca Rotan who cut a fetching image in her paper thin swimsuit (I know it always helps make them buffalo wings taste better) and who impressed judges with her ‘perky’ good natured self. She’s got her heart set on being a film actress or something to that effect.

The competition itself was held last night at the Filmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, Florida and involved 101 of the most desirable handpicked Hooters girl’s out of a possible 18 000 entrants (who could imagine that many nearly naked girls serving beer and fries?) from over 430 Hooters restaurants worldwide. Master of ceremonies included Mark McGrath who did his best not to look too salaciously interested in the half naked princesses as he introduced them to the universe.

dlisted: The best part of that mess of a pageant was when each girl introduced herself to us and then awkwardly sashayed down a runway while Mark McGrath read off her life goals. Every girl wore like 15-inch platform heels and most of them couldn’t walk in that shit. So they looked like a constipated penguin on stilts trying to walk on a conveyer belt moving the opposite way. As they stumbled down that catwalk, Mark McGrath read off their ambitions and I started to sense a theme. They either wanted to be a dental hygienist AND a Victoria’s Secret model, a pharmaceutical sales rep AND a Victoria’s Secret model, a radiology technician AND a Victoria’s Secret model, a TV host AND a Victoria’s Secret model, a cancer curer AND a Victoria’s Secret model, a famous interior designer AND a Victoria’s Secret model, the owner of a no-kill animal shelter AND a Victoria’s Secret model or just a plain Victoria’s Secret model. 

Of course I’ve always wanted to be a Victoria’s secret model too, or rather just date them, but I leave that shit to Leo DiCaprio cause it’s understood that’s his department. None the less in the end it was Amanda Jemini who managed to win the judges heart (see what happens when you practice walking up and down the street in your bikini and slut heels…) and collect her pretty self $50 000 and of course will now be able to add on her resume that she became Ms Hooters International. Something I’m sure Leo DiCaprio is probably paying attention to…

And before I forget this year’s fuckery was of course sponsored by Bud Light, because who can’t resist a cold Bud Light when a half naked woman serves them zingy buffalo wings?

I’ve also added the below videos cause I figured your asses would appreciate it…(please be kind to wipe away the saliva after you finish drooling bixches)



  1. Someone sounds a little salty that they can’t snag a hot hooters girl like Amanda. Appreciate the beauty and shut the fuck up.

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