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Final Jeffrey Deitch exhibit sends them to the streets.

Images courtesy of Chervine.

This past Saturday, anyone thinking they were going to get in and partake in the last public open gallery exhibit of the Deitch Gallery before its alma mater Mr Jeffrey Deitch takes on his new coveted role as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in California had another thing coming. There to open the Shepard Fairey and his latest body of work were throngs who belonged to the art world, bohemia, celebrity, literati, and even just the curious downtown set who piled mercilessly on top of each other.

Hoping to get a closer look at some of the new work, Chervine, our friend and photographer almost literally had to fight tooth and nail to secure his position against the gravitating hive who had other ideas. With sightings that included Adrein Brody, Salman  Rushdie, Russell Simmons and an assortment of super models and the usual spunky downtown kids it was indeed a sight to behold.

Of course you knew the gig was up when the security officer to the gallery started screaming- “If you think this is a carnival for you to step onto the street you are sadly mistaken.”

In fact it was a street carnival and Mr Deitch wouldn’t have planned it any other way. Of course we hardly doubt anyone really saw the work, as the real art was busily unfolding in front of our eyes…on the streets.

Is there something going on between Jeffrey Deitch and Keith Haring?

Cursed artist LA 2 and Keith Haring collaborator just can’t catch a break…

For more images- go to Chervine’s site.

The opening to the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery was packed to the rafters.
The lines to get in snaked halfway round both adjacent blocks.
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