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Dressed to Kilt 2010. More men in kilts…

Alan Cumming

Every famous and/or important Scottish person since the beginning of time (or to be precise since Sean Connery) was represented at yesterday’s 8th annual “Dressed to Kilt” Fashion Show aka, “Men in Kilts.”

I had the pleasure of associating with an actual Scottish person named Libby.  This was not her first rodeo and in a sea of Americans shouted, “Is anyone here Scottish?!”

In what apparently wasn’t a joke, folks participating in the evenings silent auction bid on the opportunity to have Sir Sean Connery’s famous voice for their answering machine recording (insert jokes here).

Mike Myers, a member of the “Scotland Tourism Committee”, opened the show, providing comical runway antics that reminded us why we love Mike Myers.  The star-studded runway also saw the likes of Joan Jett (2 words: feather mohawk), Al Roker, Alan Cumming (who pulled a candy bar out from under his kilt), Kellie Pickler, Marcus Schenkenberg (half naked and still very yummy), Matthew Modine (carrying a bicycle and a bottle of scotch ), Kyle MacLaughlin and Donald Trump, Jr.

Miss Scottland- Katherine Brown
Kelly Bensimon
Al Roker

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