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You know Wall st can’t be doing so bad when its workers are willing to pay $200 to get to work.


How times have changed.

Most of you are probably crying the eternal blues these days, courtesy of the sagging economy. Of course there are some of you who couldn’t be doing better. How much better and whom exactly are we talking about? Well, let’s all find out kids…

From Bloomberg:

Liberty Helicopters Inc. is offering to fly weary commuters from New Jersey to Manhattan for about $200 a day, saving them 14 hours in traffic a week and signaling that Wall Street may have seen the worst of the recession.

Interesting, Bloomberg is canceling travel vouchers for school students while these guys are more than happy to fork over $200 to get to work in a timely matter. Is there something wrong with this picture or are we just to ignore it and accept it as another sign that money will always save a Wall Street trader’s day?

Continues the report:

Liberty has already been approached by 150 potential clients after about a month of advertising, Patrick Day, a pilot and vice president of charter marketing, said in an interview in the cabin of a twin-engine Dauphin at the carrier’s base in Linden, New Jersey. The interest may reflect how far Wall Street has bounced back, said Robert Grotell, an independent transportation consultant in Port Jefferson, New York.

Yes, and what a bounce back! Wasn’t it so long ago that these guys were begging for us to bail them out and now that they are in position of power again are they particularly interested in bailing us out? With all that excess money floating around, one has to wonder what is really going on and for whom’s benefit as a society we really go to bat for.

One wonders if you can afford $200 to take a helicopter to work you if can afford to give back to society so that perhaps a child can be given the type of chance you were once given. Of course this is Wall st and you can hardly expect these creatures  to reciprocate unless their backs are suddenly pushed back to the wall…

So much for an equitable society…