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Chandler Hurd- Rising indie pop icon.


For all intensive purposes Chandler Hurd is your average American male in his mid twenties, who relates to core America, has his eyes set on the stars and likes to walk with the occasional swagger. Of course this is a lie, for who Chandler Hurd really is a sensitive young man who has an intuitive inclination to draw an audience close and pulverize them with heart felt feel good music that draws on many of his personal experiences. He likes to sing about heart break, integrity and coming to terms with oneself and frankly one can hardly sing about love until they too have been heart broken or in Chandler’s case created heartbreak. Welcome to the scene one of the newest and rising charismatic and down to earth gentlemen we have come across in a while…

It’s a Monday night and I’m once again hanging out with famed music producer Chris Young at his Flatiron recording studio when I come across the unassuming presence of Chandler Hurd. At first we exchange polite pleasantries, but it isn’t until when he takes out his acoustic guitar and begins strumming on a song that he’s literally just finished writing and recording with Chis Young, ‘Little Bird,” that I am suddenly captivated by this young man’s musical prowess and earthy tones.

So starts this author’s earnestness to find out more about this young rising talent who has already released his 5 track ep and is getting set to release his ten track album in the spring – ‘Station to Station.’

SCV: I’m curious how did you begin to start playing music?

CH: When I was 14 I decided one day that I too could sing and play and having grown up in a family surrounded by musical influences and with Eric Clapton and Motown Hits forever coming out of my parent’s stereo that I wanted to try it too. (He reflects for a moment)- It was the idea of connecting with a wider collective, audience that inspired me to begin to write and make sense of what I was sensing and feeling.

SCV: What are you looking to express as a singer song writer?

CH: The idea that a lot of things happen in our lifetimes and that we can all relate to those things.

SCV: Such as?

CH: Well coming of age, heart break, owning up to who you really are and those things that truly make us happy.

SCV: So you’re looking to tell a story, teach us a lesson?



  1. It’s all intents and purposes, JACKASS!

    Chandler Hurd munches on more weiners than Kobayashi at Nathans on the 4th.

  2. This is literally the worst written article I’ve ever read. I would be surprise if whoever wrote this has a college degree, let alone any writing experience.

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