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Black customers no longer wanted at Walmart.


The crank call that is causing a lot of grief for Walmart…

On the surface it was just a prank call, a tasteless one at that, that all black customers had to depart the South Jersey Wallmart store immediately, but that said it has ignited a current of controversy. Not because the offender misbehaved (which he did) but because on some subliminal level the youth touched on something that a lot of ‘black’ customers have been feeling, causing many of them to hightail out of the store when the bizarre announcement was made.

For a moment there were a lot of people actually believing it had come from management. A comfortable customer base would have sensed this was a joke, but the fact that virtually every black customer exited in the store in disgust hints at a problem larger and scarier than Walmarts is willing to admit. So much for jack ass 16 year old juveniles who spill the beans…

The NY Post adds some color to the issue (no pun intended)

It was the latest in a series of problems the retailer has had in its dealings with minorities and women.
There have been several past instances of black customers claiming they were treated unfairly at Walmart stores, and the company faced lawsuits alleging that women were passed over in favor of men for pay raises and promotions.

Can you really blame customers when this stuff is flying around? America has had a checkered history and even 16 year olds can sense when there is lot of unsaid racial vitriol hanging around the room. That said, don’t be surprised if Walmart throw the book at him…some things are after all just meant to be felt, never openly stated…especially over a store wide p.a system.


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