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Why Print Fashion Editors Hate Fashion Bloggers


Image Source: TheAge.com.au

Where did my toys and front seat go?

With the looming NY fashion week upon us, print fashion editors are already apologizing as to why they are unpopular and being upstaged by 13 year old girls. They have begun wailing that only they can write critical reviews of the shows and that their tongues don’t move nearly as much when a celebrity breathes in their direction.

That said we ought to tell you that is just a crock of rubbish and if you can think critically and emphatically (sort of like us), then whether you publish online or in print should make no difference.

As to the idea of pissing off advertisers: we don’t care, and, really, there are no advertisers. What should be pissing off advertisers is the amount of attention being spent on retarded observations and commentary (such as where Lindsay Bitch Lohan will sit this year), and more on the significance of the designs themselves and whether they make for viable ready-to-wear items or just another expensive wet dream.

In any event, fashion season and phobia is upon us, and if you are a fashion blogger, I look forward to sharing the circus performance with you– and on the off chance you are a print fashion editor, kindly move out of my way when I take my seat in front of you. Dog.

Source:  NY Magazine

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