Home Fashion The charming young men of ‘Bespoken.’

The charming young men of ‘Bespoken.’

Photography by Jay Li. Bespoken Fall Fashion 2010.

Sitting atop a platform, delightful young things stood adorned in dapper jackets, shirts, and pants looking as though they were ready to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Bepoken Fashion presentation at the Hosfelt Gallery was one of the many Fashion Week presentations to come in the dizzying array of clothing, designers, and celebrity.

Set in a wonderfully rustic but modern loft, the walls were painted a bright white and the floors were stained dark. On the bright white walls a film in collaboration with Spring69 and Park Village London showed young men in the Bespoken collection in their natural habitat. Impeccably tailored, authentically British, and seriously stylish, each young man had the unassuming attitude of cool.

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