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Naomi Campbell Wants You To Come To Her Fashion Show And Spend Money


image source: nymag

When suddenly soliciting the public is a nasty sign of the times.

It used to be common courtesy to exempt the general public from fashion shows because it was understood that the general public were undesirable. If there weren’t any supermodels or moguls amongst them, having them attend your collection was really in bad taste. Of course that was then, and this is now, and since there’s less moulla to go round, even people like Naomi (who’d rather fart or hiss at you) is forced to behave. Hence the latest drive for more money, this time for the Haiti victims.

NY Mag.

The show, which is also scheduled to walk in London, will feature looks from designers that she personally solicited, which will then be sold on Net-a-Porter.com starting next month. Celebrities are also expected to attend and model in the show. But here’s the thing: It’s not for fashion people. You can see it for yourself! Now that the Tents are basically open to anyone, from QVC to Jersey Shore crashers, why not open it to the public, too? At least this is for a great cause. Tickets for the show range from $100 to $150 and go on sale starting tomorrow for American Express cardholders through Ticketmaster.com.

As the report clearly states it is not for fashion people, which is a kind of a round-a-bout way of saying you better have lots of money if you think you’re coming, otherwise stay away.

Source: NY Mag

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