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Luca Luca: Understated Turbans on Dominatrices Who Lunch.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Luca Luca Fall Fashion Week 2010.

The heels, the hair, the hysteria: welcome to Fashion Week at Bryant Park. The tents cast an incredibly subjective light on its shows: the flashing lights, the beautiful people and the status make it hard to see a show for what it is. Luca Luca was no exception: pounding music, light shows and an elite front row were rather distracting. After putting some distance between myself and the tents, however, I saw that Luca Luca’s Fall 2010 Collection was all either hit or miss: I loved or hated every outfit.

The girls marched out with clean faces and dark purple lips. They were all stunning in a traditional sense. There wasn’t an ugly pretty model amongst them. As for the clothes, sequins, leather, and tweed featured heavily. It felt very Park Ave. Princess meets Greenwich Village Dominatrix. The combination was, for the most part, wearable for any respectable fashionista but occasionally outfits veered too far towards the Upper West Side, and looked like something my grandmother would wear to lunch. It was the patterns that killed it; the plain silk, usually ivory or eggplant, was spot on but the Pixel printing failed to impress.