Home Visual Arts ‘Fortoul presents’ is a blowout at Damon Dash Gallery!

‘Fortoul presents’ is a blowout at Damon Dash Gallery!

Photography courtesy of Gabriel Fortoul. 'Asian' Dave.

This past Friday night saw the grand opening of the Damon Dash gallery and to be frank the whole experience was a blow out. Of course when I say blow out, I mean a 5 packed deep line on either side of the main artery outside of the front entrance of people begging, nay praying that they would be one of the lucky ones to come inside.

Of course I had been lucky and perhaps clever enough (or stupid enough) ┬áto come the night before whilst the team from Gabriel Fortoul’s“Fortoul Presents” were setting up with the charming and slightly intoxicated Anthony Hayden (or was it me?) Whilst playing countless rounds of ping pong and chasing those tiny white balls I got a chance to speak with Gabriel about the work that had just been hung on the wall.

SCV: So who are you showing?