Home Fashion Alexander Berardi Fall 2010 Womens wear.

Alexander Berardi Fall 2010 Womens wear.

Photography by Gordon Ho. Alexander Berardi Fall 2010.

“Do you know who that is?” I did not. “That’s Bee Schaffer, Anna Wintour’s daughter! She only comes to, like, the shows,” said the woman seated to my right at the Alexander Berardi Fall 2010 Womenswear Show. I was more concerned with the bakery owned by my neighbour on the other side; “Big Booty Breads” a Latin inspired bakery on 23rd St. But the woman insisted Bea was well worth my attention. “He must be doing something right to have Bea at his show. She wears a lot of young designers but only the hottest ones.”

To be honest, I know very little about Ms. Schaeffer’s comings and goings. But I do know that Berardi is doing something right. According to his PR people at Mao, Alexander found his influence, “off the summertime shores of Martha’s Vineyard. There, Berardi became entranced with the thought of Marlene Dietrich captaining a luxury yacht. The theme of classic Hollywood charisma mixed with the charm of New England luxury runs throughout his collection of high-end women’s sportswear.” If there are two things this writer loves in this world it’s Marlene Dietrich and Martha’s Vineyard. I was clearly in the right place at the right time. This may have created a bias in me, but the rest of the audience seemed equally impressed, even the belle of the ball, Bea.

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