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A Détacher: Lady Redneck.

Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. A Detacher 2010 Fall Collection.

The A Détacher brand marches to the beat of its own drummer. Designer Mona Kowalska’s Fall/Winter 2010 RTW line is a welcome departure from the standard fashion week fare we’ve seen so far. Kowalska is beholden to no one besides her faithful clients and her own ambition, and as a result has produced a collection that stands out as a highly unique addition to a season where many designers seem to have all been in on the same conference call deeming that thin patent belts, furs, and the color black were officially in.

The most interesting part of this collection is how while some aspects of the looks (silhouette, proportion, layer choices) are ambitiously forward-looking, other elements (large and small printed plaid, the romper) lean decidedly into the recent past. These combinations produced a handful of misfires – a few slip-like dresses seemed to hope for another resurgence of underwear-as-outerwear – but most were enchanting.