Home Nightlife RdV Lounge 1st Anniversary Party.

RdV Lounge 1st Anniversary Party.

Photography by Ricardo Garcia.

So when one mentions the words “Meatpacking District”, I generally cringe and think of everyone from the Jersey Shore series circling around Little West 12th St. to Washington in their shiny wheeled automobiles.  What one doesn’t often think of is a classic and decorative lounge that resembles establishments often found in Northern to Central Europe.  I first came across RdV. during its grand opening.  Since then the events that I have attended there throughout fashion week and other times have been fabulous. It only made sense that the lounges “1st Anniversary Party” was equally satisfying.

Drawing in celebrities and influential New Yorkers, there are only a handful of lounges of the same caliber.  I ran into Nouriel Roubini (former senior economist for the Council of Economic Advisers –Clinton Administration, senior advisor to United States Treasury Department & Timothy GeithnerTreasury Secretary) who was more than generous offering me a bottle Bollinger champagne.  Remi Laba (partner of RdV., Bagatelle and Kiss & Fly) was on hand making sure people were smiling (and sipping some of his champagne).

Jennifer Van Leuven and Nouriel Roubini.
Reveler with Lindsey Flacy