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Pr princess Ali Wise is preying she isn’t going to jail.


ali250When hacking into your ex-boyfriends’ new girlfriends’ voice mails is a no no.

Out of the NY Post comes the sleazy tale of dethroned Pr princess Ali Wise who has spending the last few days praying violently that she doesn’t get indicted for being a freak show.

The Barbie-blonde society gal was back in court this morning, and stood smiling slightly in her high heels and tight-fitting white wool coat as a prosecutor said his office has held off on convening a grand jury so that the negotiations can go forward.

Smiling or crying? Continues the report:

Wise has been a regular on the gossip pages, mainly for her tumultuous, on-and-off-again romance with hotelier Jason Pomeranc. Sources have told Page Six that Wise’s other alleged victims are women who have dated Pomeranc and Deutsch.

Should that make us all feel better? Although we are not as brilliant as sassy as Wise at least most of have us a modicum of decorum. Ms Wise please grow up, because we really do think the papers have better things to write about.

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  • izzy

    she is my idol, fashion spy. i want a spoof card ali wise. how do i get one?