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It’s confirmed you can’t get ‘no job satisfaction.’


sate250Life is a bitch and then you become one…

Out of a new survey based in Washington it has been estimated that only 45% of working stiffs actually derive any satisfaction from work- down from 49% back in 2008.

Quotes the NY Post:

Workers have grown steadily more unhappy for a variety of reasons:

— Fewer workers consider their jobs to be interesting.

— Incomes have not kept up with inflation.

— The soaring cost of health insurance has eaten into workers’ take-home pay.

Interesting- the suggestion that work should be satisfying and compelling could come as a surprise to older generations, but one does wonder in a society which is prone to run for pschyotherapy if the toaster doesn’t work one has to wonder what it is we collectively seek from work?

Is it fame, sustenance, valor, legacy, celebrity  or just an honest paycheck to bring home? In any event it seems most of you can’t get any satisfaction from what you spend most of your waking hours doing which can only suggests that it’s time to throw in the towel or perhaps make a paradigm shift about the world you live in. We think you’ll choose the former…

Source- The NY Post.