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Cody Ross- Kitschy Freaky Surprises.



It’s true; he does. His clothes are centerpieces, attention getters, but they’re all designed with a woman’s shape in mind. They might have frivolous patterns, but the integrity of the design is clear. Cody’s integrity is clear as well. On our way out of his apartment (he’s off to do an interview with Lucky, me to my boring apartment) we stop at “one of the coolest, hottest stores in New York.” While there, one the owners has a business proposition. Cody’s down (he’s always down) so long as no international copyright laws are broken. I don’t understand most of the conversation, being an English major, but what I can glean is that Cody’s strict moral code needs some reassuring before he’ll go ahead.

So what we have here is a morally sound, finance savvy business designer with a propensity for sperm-patterned fabric. I hate to be cliché, but Ross is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Before I leave I’ve gotten a marriage proposal, a job offer and business tips as well as an impromptu photo session where Cody tells me how gorgeous I am. I might not understand him, but I could certainly get used to this.

Cody Ross can be found at: http://www.priestessnyc.net