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Is Lady Gaga Crazy?



From the moment we heard the catchy beats on the track “Just Dance” and the whirlwind that was “Poker Face, it seems as though Lady Gaga has been transforming into a caricature of something I can’t even identify. Even with her kooky “cocaine-inspired” outfits, her “disco stick,” and her drag-queen like makeup, we just labeled her the new “it” thing. Yet, it seems that as she continues to make her mark on the music scene, she’s suddenly going insane in the sewing room. Outfits ranging from a barbaric-looking dress made all from Kermit the Frog dolls, a red piece at the VMA’s that covered her from head to toe (and I literally mean HEAD to toe), she just looks plain idiotic.

If she is trying to make a statement I would understand. But there doesn’t seem to be a message other than, “I’m so cool now I can get away with anything and this way I can always be on your radar.” If her technique is just to get attention, she’s getting it.  An artist (hahaha) who initially made herself known through her music, has Lady Gaga caught the media-fame-whore virus? As her fame grows, I expect to see more outfits that make me cringe just at the sight of her. Well, whatever keeps her in the public eye, right?

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