Home Scandal and Gossip AiG Chief threatens to give you more temper tantrums.

AiG Chief threatens to give you more temper tantrums.



Life can become unbearable when big, fat, white men don’t get their way.

It seems Robert Benmosche, current head of tax guzzler AIG, has been threatening to throw temper tantrums and even resign if the world that came to his rescue doesn’t get out of the way and let him do what he needs to do to get the cowboys back in the swing of things. If this strikes you perverse and pathetic, don’t be surprised because in fact it is. But that said, when you are a rich fat white man with society sucking your gizzards, you get to live your life with impunity- until people catch on. Distressed that the government is sticking it’s head way too much into Benmosche’s affairs (which kind of makes sense when you now own all the junk credit swaps that first blew you out of the water), he has at various points stonewalled government agencies and even had the temerity to let the world know that he was fed up with bureaucracy (never mind us being fed up with the $55,000 toilet seats that our tax dollars bought).

What does this all mean in the end? Fat, white men don’t take kindly to you telling them to keeping their paws off the meatloaf…

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