Home Scandal and Gossip Papa Lohan begs Maury Povich to help him save Lilo.

Papa Lohan begs Maury Povich to help him save Lilo.


papaWhen the tears are of the crocodile variety.

If you are in a need of a ‘tear jerker’ episode may we suggest the drama currently being played on the Maury Povich show starring the world’s favorite media mistake (whore) Lilo (in absentia), her daddy- Papa Lohan, and the man the world loves to hug and confess to – Maury Povich.

In the latest installment of “the world can make Lilo a better person,” papa Lohan begs Lilo to reform herself to a human being. The rambling continues for a while as the crocodile tears well profusely in papa Lohan’s eyes, amidst the ominous shake of the head, the perturbed but perfectly choreographed gestures of Maury gesticulating – yes you are a loser, banking off your daughter, but anything that helps my rankings and the south side of LA is good news for me.

The rambling reaches a fever pitch when papa Lohan intones-

“Lilo I’m not going to bring you to your grave before you bring me to my grave.”

It’s a drama filled moment and one kind of wishes Lilo suddenly lept out of the audience and beat daddy to a pulp with her new Ungaro vibrator.

In any event a daddy has the right to be concerned about his little coke whore but doing it over and over on prime time is just a drag.

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