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Get Scared. America’s New Motto.


cryThe Obama Administration declares Swine Flu outbreak a national emergency.  The U.S. government has once again put a message out to the American people: Your imminent demise is at hand.

According to the New York Daily News the president was quoted as saying:

“As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic,” Obama wrote in the declaration, signed Friday and announced Saturday.

Does this remind anyone of the duct tape and plastic wrap fiasco of the Bush Administration? The only real difference here is that the terror is present without instruction. The emergency legislation and public announcement that the swine flu (which is very similar to NORMAL  flu) is killing everyone (1,000 people have died so far, compared to the Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) of 1969 which killed 1 million people (http://www.jsonline.com/news/usandworld/43705182.html)) and the vaccination program is currently experiencing delays.

In other words, your health is in jeopardy and there is no real action to be taken. Thank you very much, Mr. Obama! Back to work, sure hope I don’t die from the “pandemic” that is consuming the nation. The fear makes me more productive.

President Obama declares swine flu outbreak a national emergency

Mandatory Government Vaccines. How Orwellian.


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