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Elizabeth Taylor wants us to care. But do YOU?


liztaylorWhen twitter is the last resort…



We currently live in the information age and globalization is allowing more and more people to be connected to each other with all different kinds of knowledge. What and when does this communication really matter or affect us anyway? Useful questions for us may be “when is this knowledge relevant”, “why and when do we care, “should we care,” and “where does this care and concern come from.”

Take the case of 77 year old dame Elizabeth Taylor who recently decided to inform large amounts of people of her personal surgical issues concerning her heart valve. Let us ask “who is Elizabeth Taylor ” and “Why is she so relevant.” Elizabeth Taylor does not even ring a bell to any notable percent of the population under the age of 40. The harlot of the 1960s, well, was a harlot of the 1960s. When thinking about heart surgeries in 2009 why should we think about Elizabeth Taylor? What about our own cousins, uncles, sisters, brothers, ex lovers, mothers, concubines? Aren’t they just as relevant, why aren’t we talking about their surgeries, their hangovers, their dilemmas? How nice or indignant is it for Elizabeth Taylor to not only inform us but ‘twitter’ us about her heart’s shortcomings?

What makes it all the more pathetic is the domino effect of other celebrities regurgitating good will messages almost as if they themselves cared or were just politically motivated to have lent a typing hand. Really does anyone smell a rat here?

Elizabeth Taylor – we wish you well but get over yourself!

Elizabeth Taylor announces on Twitter that she will undergo heart surgery

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