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Your worst fears are true- City Building Inspectors are really the Mafia.


drug-dealersWhen drug dealing and taking bribes become part of the job description.


In case you have been losing sleep over your sneaking suspicion that NYC City Building Inspectors are really gangsters in disguise we have some good news for you – you were right.

According to the NY Post (Trash) at least six scumbags were video taped taking bribes and dealing in cocaine and prescription pills. Of course what we are wondering is was there a conflict of interest when the bribes were been taken. If they were acting as ordinary gangsters we perfectly understand and sympathize as this is what gangsters do but if they were behaving as City Building Inspectors at the time then we are not highly amused (actually that’s a lie we are very amused…).

Reeling from recent bad publicity about other crooked and illegal behavior (is anyone noticing a pattern of behavior here?) the City is now in the position of having to deal with damage control and sending police men in to arrest the bad guys.

Quoting the post on other yummy details-

The nearly two-year probe grew out of a 2007 New Jersey case involving a Luchese faction that ran a staggering $2 billion-a-year gambling operation and supplied drugs and cellphones to Bloods gang members in state prisons.

That probe — which netted 32 wiseguys — soon spread across the Hudson River into the family’s Big Apple hierarchy, prompting surveillance and wiretapping by the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau‘s office, the sources said.

In any event you get to look forward to Mayor Bloomberg acting pissed off and surprised today and the unsettling idea that no matter what they tell you politics is always going to remain a dirty business.

When getting out of bed post Labor day is not as much fun as it should be…

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  1. Calling all City Building Inspectors part of the Mafia is a beat up and a joke. These 6 criminals have soiled the reputation of hard working inspectors.

  2. That’s not all Dana. We also like to mutilate the news, to have to write original articles would be too much work and would distract from our teasing of the young children and interns we keep in our draws.

    Check out our Editorials Dana, people even copy them too, it’s called modern media…

    Now where are those children…?

  3. It seems like this website just regenerates other news- news that was brief in its coverage to begin with. While you’re at it, why don’t you just host your news on twitter?

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