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Coke dealers are now being forced to cold call for business.


coke-dealersWhen the recession is now affecting everyone.


Out of NY Mag comes an interesting tale of how cocaine dealers feeling the pain of lost clientele are now finding themselves resorting to cold calling past clientele in the hope of ramping up business. If that’s not a sure fire way barometer of judging how bad the times are we really don’t know what is.

An excerpt below-

Claims Eddie who used to make deliveries every night to hipsters, financiers, and Upper West Side high-school students. “Back then, I could afford to pick and choose. If I didn’t know the address — forget it. If I didn’t like their accent — forget it. On most nights, there were more people wanting than I could get to.” Sammy, another coke dealer, was equally aloof. “On weekends, I was making twenty house calls per night,” he says, “And there were always 20 to 25 that got shafted.”

Now forced to get on the phone a lot of the dealers are finding themselves out of luck with a lot of their past clientele dealing with lost jobs or drastic pay cuts that have cut into their spending habits.

Of course this is now having a trickle down effect where a lot of the dealers are now finding themselves forced to go to turf they once considered below them. The street corner. There they stand and brazenly offer and try to hawk their products.

Ahh, if only the economy could suddenly improve coke dealers could be spared certain inconveniences.

Hit by Recession, Cocaine Dealers Resort to Cold-calling

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