Home Scandal and Gossip The falling runway model and the front row puking intern.

The falling runway model and the front row puking intern.


falling-runway-modelWhen all that is missing is egg on your face.


According to ‘Racked,’ fashionistas were treated to a very interesting spectacle this past Thursday night at the Philip Lim show. Racked go on to mention about the side falling fashion model who either just doesn’t get it or who likes to be the star of attention. But then the reports get real interesting when it then moves on to talk about the vomiting front row intern.

Oh yummy, that’s just delicious – please tell us how this amazing stunt came to be? Well it started when said retard-

took her spot next to us and began blathering about free cocktails and her internship. “I’m so drunk right now. I’ve been drinking since, like, seven,” she said, and then asked us to move over so that her friend could share her seat…Just as the show began, the intern vomited into her hands. Rather than rush out, she whispered her profuse apologies, and watched the entire show covered in … well, you get the point.

Is there a way we can read that in slow motion cause we as sure can’t see that in slow motion nor would we want to. As for Philip Lim it’s obvious the night wasn’t just meant to be.

When attending fashion shows always pay attention for the belching front row fashion pr intern, cause you never know when she has to go…

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