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Real Housewives of Dubrovnik.


Why can’t a sleazy show about sleazy and ridiculous people go worldwide?


It just occurred to us as we were looking at some scrawny picture of Kelly Bensimon and her probable ascent to smut and perennial sleaze (she’s destined to be doing nudies for cash cow Playboy mag) that if Kelly could be making a career of being a reckless housewife why not all those other reckless girls in the rest of the world who are just dying to get their touch of fame and sleaze.


Yes indeed,


Our candidates for fun and sleaze House wife shows go to the following often ignored cities.


1/ Kabul,  Afghanistan. Always the preferred war zone of Russia and America we bet there are just some hot hardened mamas who would really strike a chord with US audiences.


2/ Real Housewives of Baku, Azerbaijan. We know they’re of Muslim faith and just getting out there (just ask Izzy Gold) but wow this is a no brainer.


3/ Real Housewives of Tehran, Iran. This kids is a no brainer- the plot would revolve around a frustrated DVF wearing university rebellious university student involved  with the local cleric. Delicious…


4/ Real Housewives of Kalgoorie, Northern Australia. A real no brainer- we can watch the local Sheila get plastered at the pub and be pack beer assaulted by the blokes. Yummy.


5/ Real Housewives of downtown Baghdad. This is too obvious and will come with very heavy plot lines. Expect a lot of double crossing kids.


6/ Real Housewives of Penyang, North Korea. Mmh- this one is a wild card but we think with the background of starving kids and a military regime could give this show oomph and real life wonder.


7/ Real Housewives of Dixie Land, Red Neck ville. Why should Jerry Sringer get all these girls? They would be so much fun watching trying to beat the crap out of each other.


8/ Real Housewives of Ibiza. We can go underground as we watch all the girls dance, do blow, ecstasy and make out with drunk Poms.


9/ Real Housewives of the Bronx. This is a show that needs to be made and we think there a lot of contenders just waiting for their chance to get on Tv and go to bat. First drop off an illegal coke den with live hookers and online gambling vending machines. Yeah let the reality fun begin.


10/ Real Housewives of the Upper East Side. This is the show that desperately needs to be made and we think there are no shortage of dames who we could introduce to the producers. Oh the fun we will all be having this fall in front of our collective TV’s ….