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Michelle Dim le Wit- The Best $2000 I spent this weekend.


Michelle-Dim-le-WitEven babes need to get screwed up and go through the mulahh. Let’s find out how Michelle did it this weekend.


10/ Went to a nightclub and got completely toasted with the girls.


9/ Hired Kristian Laliberte and his best friends to strip and give ass kissing sessions.


8/ Hired Adrien Field to learn elocution and handbag guidance.


7/ Made out with someone from the Bronx and then accidentally threw up and crashed my car.


6/ Got on a plane and headed to Cancun because the beers were only $2 but forgot about having to pay for the air fare part.


5/ Went to the spa and ordered everything there while Lindsay Lohan winked at me.


4/ Made out with a hot girl before pissing her off and having her break my nose because I asked if she was a ‘lesbo.’


3/ Hired Patrick McMullon to follow me all weekend and take pictures of me so for once I can have professional quality pictures to put on facebook.


2/ Went home with two complete strangers but this time I paid for the blow (for once…)


1/ Ordered three of the most expensive premium bottles at some gauche nightclub before popping them just as the cameras were furiously clicking- yippee! Am I socialite yet?