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Kate Gosselin breaks down on TV set because she is sick of living her surreal life.


kate-gosselin-and-copWhen $75 000 plus an episode doesn’t do much when you’re heart broken.


We think this is the moment of capitulation for the most oddest but defiant reality celebrity Western society has come across in years. Suddenly feeling the meaningless of her life and the apparent public nuisance that she has become Kate Gosselin went into hysterics this weekend past because she suddenly realized being an unknown with a pathetic husband who nevertheless still loved her and 8 kids with no money and fame is better than being a pathetic air head with no husband and apparent meaning in her life but millions of dollars richer.

During the filming of her new upcoming beauty show (what will they try and shove down our throats we wonder?) Gosselin was unable to hold it in and started blabbering in front of all people who by now have seen it time and time again.

In any event we are sure Kate will think about the money and fame and will proceed to get on with her miserable life and annoy us for another season of banal entertainment.

The moral of the story- sometimes it’s never polite to let the fish in the public fish bowl  know it’s just that.

Kate breaks down on set