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Jane St Hotel –crack/coke den of the week refuses to be annoyed by disturbed residents.


janeWhy let the residents get to you when you can get to them…?

Yum, looks like we are all going to be having a very interesting fall this season as crack/coke den to trust fund downtown Bohemians (which of course would not be us…) fun place and extra curricular behavior place has ostensibly told disturbed and very annoyed local residents that they just have to suck it all up and they can’t help it that they do or like what they do.

Under recent attack by local residents who can’t believe the bad luck that these good looking ingrates have turned up on their doorstep and have been trying to figure out a way to get these people to leave them alone ever since previous crack/coke den the Beatrice has been forced to the sidelines (we told you Lindsay- do it in the toilets not at the bar!).

Unmoved by the demands of the residents to close them down the venue is hiring good looking people to protest their innocence and to adamantly deny that they ever used condoms in the street (kids we talked about this one last week….).

Now the sling shot rumors say that effectively it’s just a bunch of rich fuddy duddy’s who can’t stand all these kids and their antics while everyone else is okay with the shenanigans..

In any event we think the Jane st Hotel is going to have to wise up and stop letting certain ingrates into their venue and to let the extra curricular activity happen somewhere else.

The moral of the story- it’s never easy being loved by dysfunctional good looking trust funders and loathed by a select few who more than likely are trust funders themselves…

Jane hits back

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  • You can’t blame them, it’s a nice spot. Oh well, time to set up a pop-up gallery and take three of the Captain’s Cabin rooms.