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It’s Confirmed- the world might not make it if the Jane st Hotel goes down.


Jane-st-Hotel-goes-downWhy is a crack den getting so much attention ?

We’ve been amused by the degree of attention ‘whore worshipers’ Gawker and other like minded media sites (yes including us…) have been giving some downtownhole in the wall.

Gawker who crave the limelight and everything flashy have been going out of their way to remonstrate about the imminent demise of a destination that specializes in the affectations of trust fund coke types and illiterate bohemian types with high cheekbones.

Really what gives?

The people who live near this cesspool have had enough and they want their sanity back and don’t care if you smoke crack, twitter or drink yourself to death in perfect picture repose. Essentially they just want to be left alone and for you to go and die somewhere else.

Of course Gawker and all the glitter loving sites (yeah us too…) just can’t let it go and we’re all egging on a brawl where people with nice cheekbones are forced to leave their bathroom stalls and listen to people who live across the street who are sick of hearing and seeing them misbehave at all hours of the night.

The irony is that no one would be talking about this if it wasn’t for the presence of glitzy flashy media conscious people that sites like Gawker love giving copious head to.

The moral of the story – if there isn’t enough glitter flying around you know you’ve come to the wrong party.

The jet set rumored to still be doing more blow despite the size of the bathroom stall.

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