Home Nightlife Hot and Sexy at the ‘Return of the Supermodel’ Party.

Hot and Sexy at the ‘Return of the Supermodel’ Party.

Photography by James Palmer.

Models are usually good for three things. Looking amazing in designer dresses by Mihyun Yang, posing as dj for a crowd of beautiful people, or making a jaw-dropping appearances with a regular “Joe.” As the Campton Gallery in Soho begins to fill with people and resemble a crowded dance floor at your favorite night spot, I began to ask “where did my buzz go!?”

Sipping Chardonnay, engaging in small talk with beautiful conversationalist, the brief smell of make up and perfume literally stops me in my tracks as a people train of about 9 models hastily walk past me hand and hand for another photo-op, as the agents (Catherine Tran whom we adore) from Models International arrive from another private party. Resin and acrylic paintings of women outfit the decor with projections of runway shows play assort of the theme to celebrate the “Return of the Super-Model.”


My support group was pretty deep in attendance, as we mingled amongst some characters that could of easily been tabloid celebrities (wait a second, I think they were…) I was reminded of how small this world really is when no matter where you go, you can actually have a good time if you just open your mouth and speak to people.

This night was not for the timid or shy, but more for seasoned veterans in the social scene and it’s complex, and sometimes overwhelming ideologies that are all bent around non verbal communication. Compliments and cheek kisses can just as well be collected as currency when the night is in your favor. Long drags of Marlboro lights with your high cheekbones probably suggested your foreign cool factor and sleek giraffe like gestures the give away that you spend your afternoons thumping down international runways…

Chris Jovan to the left.

Trying to keep cool was my only issue for the night when I probably felt about 10 lewd comments make their way back down into my sub conscious. Gotta love hanging out with models right! They become a reminder of how cool you could be if all your friends where hot. I had a good time people watching and trying to figure out which person looks like someone I know and who looks like they belong on reality T.V. Camera flashes and live video feeds all around it’s not the night to not have on your Tuesday best.

Thankfuly I got dressed on the way there with the help of my Yves Saint Laurant tie I happend to have as backup for just such occasion. The best accessory I would ever suggest for a party like that is a great pair of sunglasses. Going blind in a room full of stars is not something you can prepare for. Not that I nearly didn’t nearly go blind…

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