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Half of the Industrial World spends this morning wondering whether Jessica Simpson can survive the trauma of her missing dog’s likely death.


daisy-0Daisy you Bitch – rest in peace!


You know something’s gone a little batty in Western society when major press magazines- like the NY Post, TMZ and now People Magazine go into lamentable tailspins now that professional media whore and bimbo at large Jessica Simpson is supposedly in the cusps of despair over her missing bitch- Daisy.


Media crack publishers People have taken to wondering whether Jessica will need therapy and will be able to survive what is now appears to be the new low in her life (never mind the collective low of the Western World…).


Friends have reported that Jessica has refused to leave her parents house (what else is new?) and is refusing to smile much (as opposed to us who smile never…).


Say friends Simpson would have someone often put her bitch Daisy on the phone whenever she was up and about and since she could discern what drool and dribble meant would proceed to have a meaningful discussion with her bitch – Daisy.


In any event after being dumped by some football jock we can’t even bother to remember we agree it’s been a tough year for Jessica, but really kids it’s been a tougher year for half of the Industrialized world too.


When you want to know what’s on peoples mind it’s always a good idea to be fascinated with vague celebrities…

Great American Tragedy- Jessica Simpson’s dog is forever gone.

People Mag- Friends Worry About Jessica Simpson’s ‘Tailspin’

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