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Finally what you have been waiting for- internet addiction center opens.


internet-addiction-centerWhen even the internet has become an addiction problem.


We haven’t quite figured out why but by the time you are 12 years old in America you are whether you like it or not addicted to something- GI Joe toys, plastic dolls, television, sex, fame, power, gambling, velvet rope, drinking and even drugs (of course the hard drug addiction doesn’t start until you have had your own reality show by the time you are 13).

But now comes a new addiction we all want you to know about and be very careful of- it’s called the internet.

It usually lurks in your bedroom, even in your school and it’s the stuff that happens in good and bad families and it’s taking America by storm. Instead of relating to each other  one on one, human beings are now spending copious hours relating to each other through electronic means, through cyber love and friendship that is threatening to rip their and your soul away.

Thankfully in Fall City, Washington state the countries first internet addiction clinic- ‘ReStart,’ has just opened up and now you too can come here and detox.

Detox of course by it’s very definition means abstaining from communications viz the internet and a reprogramming of the brain to functions that have long since been abandoned – walks in the park, waking up in the morning and looking at people in the street and even greeting one of them once in a while.

Of course such a wonderful treatment and rehabilitation doesn’t come cheap- for the measly sum of $14 000 you get to spend 45 days learning how to relate to the world again without having the nagging itch to get on the web and live life vicariously.

For those of you who think internet addiction is a big joke consider that consequences of addiction range from ‘loss of a job or marriage to car accidents for those who can’t stop texting while driving. Some people have died after playing video games for days without a break, generally stemming from a blood clot associated with being sedentary.’

In any event we are very pleased to know that at long last you can rid yourself of your anti social habits.

When addiction is just the desire of an individual to substitute one reality for another stupid and bad things will eventually happen…

Internet addiction center opens in US