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Dog Damned- Wally the blue blood fox terrier get mauled by South Hamptons pit bull boxers.


dogWhen a blue blood dog gets mauled it’s time to pay attention.


Isn’t good to know that there are so many news worthy articles that make the rounds? That said this morning’s most news worthy story surrounds the saga of Wally a blue blooded Jack Russell owned and much loved by Henry Mortimer, who according to the NY Post (Trash) is a blue blood cousin of Topper and Minnie Mortimer.

Apparently Henry and Wally were taking a ‘fun’ walk along the South Hampton’s beach line when suddenly Wally was brutally attacked by 2 mixed pit bull terriers. Rumor has it that Wally was trying to defend Henry or just get the hell out of the way when said barbarian dogs passed.

Upon being set on, poor Wally could be heard up and down the street and had to be rushed to a vet while the owner of the brute dogs quickly hauled her ass with her dogs and left the scene. A quick thinking bystander nevertheless saw all this happening and took down said villain’s number plate where said villain (who unfortunately remains nameless) is now very openly stating that she will gladly pay for poor Wally’s surgery. Of course that’s not stopping Henry from lodging a dangerous dog complaint which could see to the pit bull boxers put to euthanasia.

When blue blood dogs get hurt even bystanders come to the rescue…

Mortimer poodle mauled

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