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Dog distressed at being left at a kennel barks itself to death.

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A suit filed by Marie Moore argues that carers and vets at the kennel where she had taken her dog to, Riverside Animal Clinic, essentially ignored her dog’s distressed calls, which inevitably led it to suffocating from its own over barking.

It is claimed that Cowboy, her English Bulldog, who had never been apart from its owner before (a point that Ms Moore had been sure to emphatically disclose) had barked for days, a result of stress it was enduring. But for all the dog’s barking the suit claims that Cowboy was not once attended to, but simply ignored. In fact during the dog’s tenure at the kennel, Ms Moore had called to inquire about the dog’s disposition and she had been assured that Cowboy was doing just fine.

Upon the dog’s death, the kennel reasoned that the dog had probably died from hear failure, but after an autopsy it was found that the dog who had happened to arrive at the facility in good health had actually died as a result of suffocation.

Adding insult to injury, Ms Moore claims she wasn’t even notified of the dog’s death, instead an email was sent to her mother, who also had a dog at the kennel. It was only after phoning the kennel that Ms Moore’s mother was briefed that her daughter’s dog had died.

The autopsy revealed that Ms Moore’s dog’s stomach as a result of over-barking was full of air, his throat swollen, suggesting respiratory distress.

In her suit, Ms Moore claims had her dog been tended to, the dog’s air valves could have been cleared.

Countered Marie Moore’s husband, Carlos Moore- “Everyone loved him. He was a wonderful dog.”

The moral of the lesson? Just because plaintively it doesn’t make sense that a fish which spends its whole existence swimming in water can sometimes drown, it shouldn’t surprise us that every so often a dog which essentially spends its life barking can one day end up dying, no matter how unlikely from the very thing that defines it. It should be very interesting to see what damages are awarded if this makes it to trial.




  1. I live near this clinic in NYC. I hate it. Hate it. I stopped going there over 10 years ago. They overcharged me for cat checkups and their tech who cat sit for me didn’t show up the whole time and I came home to cats with no food or water. They should have had water. He admitted it and claimed family troubles. He had my phone number and my superintendent’s number at my building. He didn’t call. I would have come home. I was at a workshop in Brooklyn and could have come home.

    Other community members have told me they don’t go there either. Many have had bad experiences. My cat sitter took her cat to be euthanized and they just took it downstairs and started to put it to sleep without giving her the option to be with it or say goodbye. She is an older woman and she was traumatized. So callous of them.

    They should have told this woman that her bulldog was extremely distressed. That is would not stop barking. I’m sure she or someone else could have come to get it. And they did nothing to ease its distress. They could have called an animal hospital if they didn’t know what to do. Horrible. I hope she wins the lawsuit and I hope they are closed down. We need a good, trustworthy vet here who cares about people and animals. This place does not.

  2. It’s not a typo MSL. Read it again closely. After the dog’s death, vets had speculated it was due to a heart attack. It’s only after an autopsy had been performed that they had come to the conclusion, as perverse and counter intuitive it seems, that the dog, had actually died of suffocation, a result of over barking.

    The Editor.

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