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David Beckham so worried his kids will become Americanized makes his kids watch BBC.


beckhamsWhen an English star in America isn’t so excited by the current cultural terrain…

How ironic that David Beckham who along with his wife Victoria Beckham are now living in America, taking advantage of the huge payouts that their celebrity status have accorded them are now so concerned about their children’s ‘conditioning’ that they are insisting that their children watch BBC, a symbol of English sensibility as you can get.

Could it be despite their nice pay day the Beckham’s are intrinsically concerned about the vapid culture that they find themselves saturated in and let’s not forget vastly profiting from? Or could it be that the Beck’s just want to make sure their kids have a bit of ‘home grown’ culture thrown in from time to time, maybe to keep them safe or just highly balanced?

In any event we think a father has a right as to what his children get exposed to and in a way we’re kind of glad that David has the sensibility to give his kids a taste of the old country. Of course we do wonder how dad will feel about it when his kids grow up one day and all they want to be is reality TV stars.

When preserving cultural ties is also a matter of preserving cultural sanity….

Becks makes kids watch BBC so they don’t talk like Yanks

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